Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Greatest and Best Robert Pattinson Photo...a Tribute.  

Yes we've done it again.

We've made total asses of ourselves for the good of Fandom...

If you don't remember The Greatest and Best Charlie Swan Photo Shoot you really should go take a quick peek. Even if it is just to check out how HOT Nabs looks with a pornstache! Tres magnifique!

We had such a great time doing that photo shoot we knew we just had to do another one but honestly, we were other character has a signature look quite as easy to recognize, not to mention as downright glorious as Billy Burkes 'stache in the Twilight Saga. I mean, all things considered the 'stache could have a movie all on its own.
Billy Burke's 'Stache in: Moustache Rides
I'd go see it.

So we decided the best thing to do in this situation was to go for broke. Let's just rock out with our cock out and jam out with our clam out and shoot a tribute for the greatest and best man of them all...

Mr. Robert Pattinson...kinda.

Now this photo shoot was a just a little different than the Charlie Swan shoot. We didn't do it outside in the woods with Nabs wearing nothing but a pair of fishnets and fishing boots (although that was a shit-ton of fun and I would do it again anytime).

Nope, this time she is fully clothed...but I think you will probably recognize a few of her outfits.

We have two avenues for you to enjoy our little photo shoot.
1. We have put together a video with all of the photos backed by an amazing version of the Tenacious D hit "Tribute" sung by moi, with lyrics written especially for this set of photographs.
*The video also compares our photos with the originals.
**Video only has one 'F' bomb...pretty good considering I was the one singing.


2. I will post the photos at the end of this blog for your viewing enjoyment without the kick ass soundtrack.

Let us know your thoughts, or if you have another Twilight Character you would like to see us "Tribute" shout it out!

What next?

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14 comments: to “ The Greatest and Best Robert Pattinson Photo...a Tribute.


    OMG, what a much needed tonic after a week of hell that was!

    Genius, as ever ladies, will save the video for when Mr Stan's not sat next to me, cramping my style though. Loved it, the stubble's my fave!

    Right, off to check the Burkester tribute out now.


    Haha, Ah. This definitly cheered me up.
    Loving the 5 oclock shadown!


    @Stan and Poptarrt- thanks chicas! The Stubble was pretty funny in person. The eyebrows really made me laugh though. By nature I have almost no eyebrow, so I was having fun making goofy faces with them!

    Stoney- The video turned out awesome. I was lovin' all the Pattzy fun so much that I forgot my silly mug was going to slip in there. Then it happened, and I was like holy shit.......I'm in the same video as Rpattz. It was strange, but once I got over the initial shock I laughed my ass off!!!

    Everyone that sees these pics know that the actual photo was taken seriously because Stoney is one hell of a talented photographer, but as usual my modeling in them was for the sole purpose of laughter and entertainment. Hope you all get as big of a kick out of them as we had making them!!!


    Holy hell. I think I just woke up the neighbors laughing.


    This was the best photo shoot in the world! It was destiny! And yes he is a god!


    Thanks for all the great comments. twitter luva....thanks for giving us a shoutout.
    Stan....u pimped us on Twitter....u rule.
    BANDERS!!!!! u commented. Yayayayay!!!!! He is a god....ROCK!


    Gosh girls this is awesome!!!!! This is hilarious!

    Great, I laughed my ass of and it was hard keeping my coffee inside me...


    Oh my stomach hurts from laughing, that was too hilarious!

    Somehow when I saw the pictures I immediately thought of a loved Finnish comedy character Uuno Turhapuro (a direct translation of the name would be something like Numbskull Emptybrook). It's probably just me, because there is really not much resemblance apart from the stubble and a white wifebeater which is Mr. Turhapuro's trademark clothing:
    (Notice the hair fondling in the video! Something familiar..?)


    Finally got aorund to watching the video! As usual you didn't disappoint. I really wish I could be there when you create this stuff cos I bet it's even funnier than the finished articles! Gave you an Edbrella shout out today too, come on over, it's Friday Fun Five day, questions courtesy of suzspetals :o)


    OMFG Stan from Twisted Edbrella recommended your site cos of the video. Funny as fuck, loved it, you er ladies are bloody h-i-larious. I will be watching you from now on-waggles eyebrows!


    Oh My Fuck, that was hilarious! I'm snorting out coffee, and crying at the same time. And I did notice those mad photog skills even before I read it in the comments. I thought to myself, hmmm, nice lighting, good composition, better make-up job than in Twilight...


    I have had a shitastic day at work and this was exactly what i needed seriously!


    Thank you so much everyone....

    @Mrs. Vanquish- I don't know which is worse coffee out the nose or peeing my pants. At least the latter keeps my computer clean!!!

    @Finnish - I see what you mean by resemblance....The dirty, smudge face and beater. He does fondle his hair an awful lot!

    @classy lady - please send my most sincere of appologies to your neighbors!!! Glad you liked it!

    @Stan- Holy crap woman, we were actually debating on whether or not to put on the Web cam while I was making "consternated" faces!!!

    @Nebilet- Welcome to the madness...saw you under the Edbrella, and agreed whole-heartedly with one of your answers!

    @Z - "OH MY FUCK"- comments really don't get much better than that for me!

    @susie- I'm so happy we were able to brighten your day. Maybe I should dress up as a dude more often!

    @Banders- you do look at the blog! I was wondering!

    Again, thanks so much to all of you! --------Nabs:O)

    PS...MY VW is undes......I'm still swearing these things are fortune cookies!


    I heart everyone's comments!!!

    LMFAO @ veri word being a forture cookie. I swear blogger can read my mind sometimes.

    @Nabs - You make a fun non-dude. P kept asking me if you were Eric while I was editing pictures.

    @Stan - We have really tossed around the idea of just video taping ourselves when we are making this stuff b/c seriously it is some funny shit. I usually leave her house feeling like I just did 1000 sit ups b/c my stomach hurts from laughing.

    I wonder who we can 'Tribute' now....