Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bella Swan Rap  

As with most of our posts, this video is not meant for baby ears.
So...if you can't handle the language/violence/mad dance skills - please put on your earmuffs before you click play.
(and don't forget to watch the Blooper Reel!)

So Nabs and I are HUGE fans of The Lonely Island. If you don't know what/who they are you totally need to get your head out of your Twilight book for just a second and check them out.

We totally heart their Natalie Portman Rap - which she did for an SNL digital short- and we can often be found driving around listening to it singing along trying not to pee our pants. In it, she portrays herself as a hard ass gangsta biatch with some serious anger management issues. We were blown away - busting a gut laughing at how sweet little Natalie Portman was rapping about her flagrant drug use and casual sex and telling all of us to SUCK HER DICK!

Click here for the link. You really should watch it, it's amazing!

It made us ponder. What if Bella Swan was gangsta?
I mean come on, we've all wished Bella would grow a pair and stop being so gosh darn helpless all the time right? Well, we made it happen.

Our video takes place after she has been changed into a vampire.
If you would like to read the lyrics, please watch it on You Tube and click on "More Info" and you can follow along as T-Nabs (as Bella) makes a valiant go of rapping.

Remember folks... our quality is shoddy at best, we don't really think we can rap - or dance for that matter - and our costume leaves something to be desired. We don't do this because we think we are good at it...we do this because it made us laugh our asses off and we hope it will do the same for you.


Now, something a little different this time around.
We have realized throughout this adventure that we call bit blogging - that sometimes our best material is our bloopers. So we have put together a short blooper reel for you all to get a glimpse of what the hell goes on when we try to throw our crappy little projects together.


What next?

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21 comments: to “ Bella Swan Rap


    Stoney I have actual tears running down my cheeks right now! There really are no more words left only sound effects!!!


    You have some pretty baller dance moves. and ur rapping skills are second to none. When does your next album drop?


    Oh should see me dance when I'm not trying to act like a "gangsta"! Oh wait, Stoney you have, and I'm betting that you and your ninja photo skills have my stellar moves documented!

    I think your rapping is pretty amazing too........maybe we should make an album together?


    Shiiiiiiiit I'm totally down. First I think we need to invest in a new microphone though. I mean I love trying to sing like billy maze but upgrade....just sayin.


    I would buy a pair of pants with her face on the crack any day.
    Sitting on that face of hers would bring me nothing but pleasure..
    Ok. That sounded wrong!

    Ps - Lonely Island <3


    Thanks for the spell check poptart. That one got right by me. My good friends last name is Loney so it didnt even register. Lol u sshldve seen her dancing send with kstew on her ass it was amazing.


    Dancing around....stupid phone.


    Hell bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips! I want to go back to the day we recorded this it was just way too much fun!!!


    wow, that was awesome.
    I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life.
    You guys are pure genius.
    As soon as i read the words "It made us ponder. What if Bella Swan was gangsta?" I knew I was going to like where that train of thought went.


    Nabs...I just wanted to say that I can't keep laughing when you are doing the coffee grinder...I love the dog bowls in the background too. Classic.


    @Nameless & Poptarrt- Thanks for watching. Bella as a gangsta is pretty funny. It's also funny for me to watch myself trying to act that way. I'm the furthest thing from gangsta you could find. I kept asking Stoney...."does this look Gangsta to you?" Finally, we were like fuck it, and I just started dancing like a loon!

    Stoney, you are cracking me up with all these comments from your new fancy phone!


    The breakdancing was FABULOUS!
    What skillz!!!


    LMAO! Thanks for the warning about it being inappropriate for baby ears. I have children lurking all over the place and had to wait for the right time to watch it. The mad dance skillz were hilarious! You should audition for Dancing With the Stars, just sayin'.


    @lilbit: Yeah, she rocked out until her foot kept getting stuck on the chunks of ice..damn snow.

    @Z: LMFAO...We would have to be each others dance partner otherwise it just wouldn't be funny. Which kinda works b/c I'm freakishly tall so I get stuck playin' the dude.

    FYI - We bought a real recording microphone people...our sound will improve drastically for our next video...coming soon. Probably Wed or Thursday.


    OME you guys are fucking redonkulous!!!

    TNabs - you know how to bust a move!

    Brilliant. As always. You chicks rock.

    : )


    You know what to do Nabs Bust a want got it...

    Ok sorry. I heart that song and STY got it in my head.

    @STY - Thanks for the props. We appreciate it. I should have posted all the clips of her doing the sprinkler and shopping cart and cabbage patch...lmfao.


    Oh my goodness guys...There's some serious blushing going on here. Thanks for not totally making fun of my crazy ass!

    @STY- just wait til' your stuck in a hotel with us in FFFOOOOOOOORRRRRRRKKKKKKSSSSSSS!

    @Z - Totally understand the kiddos poppin of nowhere. The lengths of bribery that Stoney and I go through to keep our daughters entertained while we have recorded various audio is almost shameful. It seems that no matter how may precautions are taken one or both of them always pop up at the most inconvenient of times!


    @T-Nabs I don't know how old your girls are, but I'm sure they will laugh their asses of when they get to see Mom in action. It's a legacy that will live on forever. I tell my kids 'Just because I'm old, doesn't mean I don't know how to have fun'. They don't need to know how wild I was, heh.


    Z- our girls are three and four so they just think we r crazy. The problem is Nabs and I are still a little wild. We shld start thinking about settling down but its one of those things mind is tellin me no......but my bodys tellin me yes.....lmfao.
    Oh well makes for good blogging.


    Yeah, wild, as in running around my house playing dress up and acting like overly-obsessed teenage girls with a massive highschool crushes on freaggin fictional characters! We're crazy, but still pretty innocent. Granted when we actually make out of our homes and away from our kiddos things do still tend to get a little naughty. And for some strange and unforseen reason, whenever we go somewhere someone arrives with an object closely resembling a penis! Seriously, it never fails!

    I can picture it now though.....the day my daughter realizes the full extent of my whacked-out-ness! I'm sure she'll laugh her ass off!


    You got mad skills!!!!!!!!!! I love me some Lonely Island Esme!!!!!!!!!!!