Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Real Twilight Genius....  

As usual...we spoof for you!

I'm sure we've all heard the incredibly funny "Real Men of Genius" radio commercial series from Bud Light beer. If not here is some linkage so you can get yourselves up to speed...

Well, we couldn't help it...we needed to spoof these commercials.

So, Nabs and I spent a few hours putting together our own version of these amazing little jingles...only we do it the way we all like it: Twilight style.

So crack open a cold one...sit back and relax...and enjoy: Real Twilight Genius!!!!

*Yes, this is SGP and TNabs singing...again. I think you might be pleasantly surprised this time...*

If you dig it...let us know! We heart comments!!!

What next?

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31 comments: to “ Real Twilight Genius....


    first of all props for working in the word bouffant because we all know how much RPattz loves saying it lol. You know who the real geniuses are...You ladies for being creative, funny, and fucking awesome!


    @ Susie- We sat around yelling "Such a sexy Bouffant" all day. My stomach still hurts from all the laughter. Stoney sounded like a frog when she left my house. I had the hardest time saying my lines because she was standing behind me scream/singing in her Cartman voice! She was so awesome! I must devise a way to get her to do a video only speaking as Cartman!

    Seriously though, thanks so much! It's comforting to know we aren't lunatics for thinking that shit was funny!


    Fucking HILARIOUS.

    You, Ladies, are my new heroes! Very creative...AND I'll be singing it all night...

    "Mr. Edward Cullen Abdominal Air Brusher Onner..."


    @JeDeCe - Thanks a heap, and welcome to the blog chica! I too think that I'll be singing these songs for days to come!

  • Courtney_0624


    That was AWESOME! :) They're already stuck in my head!
    Thanks for the laugh!!


    i must say this post was largely on the epic side.
    i couldn't stop laughing and i now have the tune stuck in my head. I keep repeating "Mr. Edward Cullen Abdominal Air Brusher Onner..." in my head and i can soon see myself singing it out loud, many times.
    mega funny.


    Dying dying dying dying dying. Coming from a Twihard who loves "Mr. Boneless Buffalo Wing Inventor" - this is the FUNNIEST shit I have EVER seen. You guys did a FANTASTIC job. Hope it's OK if I put it on my blog! Carol - mytwilightpurgatory.com


    So, I thought I wrote and posted a comment, but it's not showing up. I'll paraphrase said comment and hope you all don't get stuck with two!

    @nameless - Epic,wow, such a small word with an enormous meaning! Thank you so much! "Ab Muscles" was the last one we recorded and is our favorite also! I'm still shouting "My thong is on fire"

    @Carol - I think boneless buffalo wings are one of the greatest think on earth! Cross-posting is always welcome and appreciated. Merci for the kind words and thanks for the heads up on a possible post. Now I'm gonna go check out your Twilight Purgatory!


    note to self.........read comment before publishing it!

    "greatest things on earth"

    luv you guys!!!


    [stands up and claps, starting slowy but upping the tempo] BRAVO, LADIES, BRAVO! Simply brilliant!


    *Clapping, cheering, flickin' the bic!!* You guys are fucking genius', that was sooo great and the funniest thing I've seen in a long time, and with the Twi-competition around, that is high praise. I can't pick a favorite, they were all fantastic. You rock!!


    Arrgghhhhhhhhh my comment has fucked off into cyber space somewhere.

    I loved it, very catchy tunes lol
    "Mr. Edward Cullen Abdominal Air Brusher Onner..." Genius


    OMFG! You get the ultimate accolade...you gave me cramp from laughing too much, Mary will tell you that that is high praise indeed! I haven't laughed that much since Twitarded posted Robert Patterson's better looking twin! Fantastic! Off to pimp you on Twitter :o)


    fucking love it. You guys crack me up x


    OK, I'm fucking dying here at work... trying to get work done but obviously extremely fucking distracted by your MAD video skills. You gals rock!

    PS: I wanna be "Mrs. Makes Edward's Nipples Hard When His Shirt if Offer"


    LMFAO @ LKW...I wanna be that lady too...where do you think we sign up for that job.

    @Stan: Girl..you rock for pimpin' us on Twitter...we have a Twitter account but I'm too lazy to use it.

    Thanks for all the amazing comments...I heart all of your faces. We had TOO much fun doing these. My throat still hurts a little...


    You're welcome :o).

    And you can both have that job, I want to be "Mrs Lick the skin so the CGI spots stick betterer" :oP


    @Stan - You're cracking me up!


    @stan - I can't think of a job I'd like to take but I could come up with a few positions I'd like to assume if you know what I mean!!!

    @LKW- mmmmmmm sounds dreamy!

    @z- holy crap girl, you "off topic" referenced us on another blog....there are no words for how awesome that is.

    @cftt, mary, and Sharona- thank you....as always it's so encouraging. Comments are the true enablers here. Without fun feedback and new Twifriends this shit wouldn't be nearly as fun!!!

    Thanks again everyone!


    OK I blogged - I hope I've done you guys proud. GodDAMN I am crying real tears. "boobs are overratedddd..." or "Even HE can't stop touching itttt...." Still DYING.




    @Carol - Thaaaaaaannnnnkkkkkk YYYYYoooooooouuuuuu!!!! That's my Dory whale accent

    Wahoooooo........ headin over there now!!!!!!!!!!!


    So funny! Love it, and yes, Abdominal Airbrusher Onner is my fave :)

    (although wolfpack wetter downer is close ...)


    Sorry I'm stalking this blog post. But I have to tell you that I NEED the cast of Twilight to see this post. Tell me PFach wouldn't love these vids?! Email his agent! OK I'll shut up now.


    Carol, you stalk this post as much as you want girlfriend.

    Although I have to admit Nabs and I have frequent discussion on what our feelings are about any of the Twicast seeing our blog...first we are fearful for our spotless reputations (pffft) then we are like, "that would be totally rad," and then we just get so excited we get the urge to poop our pants.

    I worry that we would scare the SHIT out of any respectable member of the Twicast.


    @Carol - Hey, I was thinking that we may have to do a "Real Twilight Genius" dedicated to Carlisle. I've been trying to come up with something, but nothing's hitting me! Any ideas?

    As far as the cast seeing any of this goes....my first thoughts are oh shit, run and hide! Really, it would be awesome, but that thought terrifies me more than I can verbalize! I actually had this crazy ass dream where I wrote a blog that dared any of the cast to respond. It ended before I could find the answer!

    @Molly - Thanks girl!

    Stoney, look at me, "I'M A CITY-STATE".



    It just doesn't have the same ring to it...why are we such nerds...seriously.

    I couldn't remember City-State but I could remember Corinth, Athens, Argos and Sparta...we need help.

    Carlisle...hmmmm...Mr. Amazing non human blood drinker vampire doctor...

    I think we should do one for Billy Burke's stache...


    Or Carlisle could be...

    "Mr. Stupid Bleeding Human Sewer Upper..."


    Mr. Scarf-Wearing Twitter Posterer (posterior?)


    @Twinabler so for carlisle, maybe Mrs. Wardrobe Scarf Vest Coat Layerer

    and for BB Mrs. Makeup Prep Mustache Trimmer and Comber (Fluffer ... *snicker*)


    These ideas are hilarious and are getting progressively harder to say. I can't wait to hear Stoney try to sing them.

    We were talking earlier today and Stoney and I are planning to get together sometime next week to record a couple using all the awesome suggestions. If anyone has another idea just let us know. It doesn't necessarily have to be Carlisle or Billy Burke related.

    Thanks again everyone! You all are spectacular!


    TwiNatic's are hiLARious. Love them. Hmmm...how about "Mr White Doctor Coat Lint Brusher" for Carlisle... or "Mr. Long Luxurious Hair Baretter" for Jacob... or "Mr. Stunt Double Spider Monkey Climber" for Edward... or "Mr. Fake Movie Cell Phone Tester" for Bella and her mom... oh holy crap I can go on and on... "Mr. Bad Layered Housecoat Dresser" for Alice... "Mr. Fierce Scary Dreadlock Arranger" for Laurent.. oh forgive me, this is too much fun!