Friday, November 13, 2009

The Greatest Charlie Swan Photo Shoot Ever: A Tribute  

Disclaimer from T-Nabs: I in no way think that I am America's next top model. I am actually pretty freaked out to have these pictures up...but I did it for you biatches to get a laugh. Please do not take these pictures seriously as I don't, and either does Stoney [well, I take composition seriously...but not content]. Enjoy them! Go Team Moustache!!!

As a photographer, I am often searching for new and innovative ways to stretch my artistic muscles... if you will. Lately it seems that I have been toiling away at newborn portraits, pet portraits, senior portraits...blah blah blah...While these are still fun and and I love doing them it isn't where my true passion lies.

Although I am probably the furthest thing from a fashionista...I am OBSESSED with fashion photography. If I could run away to New York and become Nigel Barker...I totally would. Unfortunately, only the occasional Trash the Dress photo session gives me the free reign of a true fashion shoot. I knew I was due.

Enter Twilight.

T-Nabs and I were sitting around the other day (probably drinking again...damn wine) wondering what new and fun thing we could come up with for the blog. We knew it was going to be hard following up the Dirty Seuss post...but we were confident we had something up our sleeves.

Thankfully, T-Nabs is hot (T-Nabs: Her words not mine) and very photogenic and an extrovert to boot. She doesn't mind letting me use her as a photographic guinea pig and for that I am sure I will be eternally grateful.

We were trying to think of a good way to incorporate Twilight into a fanfuntastic photo session that would tie in not only our obsession for Twilight...but our quirky-dorky-personalities too.

Then it came to me. Let's do a fashion style photo shoot that pays homage to one of the greatest characters in Twilight: Charlie Swan.

And so the Tribute to Charlie Swan was born.

Now, we couldn't just dress up like a hot cop or wrap T-Nabs in a Rainier tapped in to Chief Swans other passion: Fishing.

Off we went to Busch Wildlife in Defiance, MO with tons of gear and fishing pole in tow. We trekked a mile in mucky mud (I actually lost my shoe at one point) until we reached our destination...the spillway. It was beautiful, secluded, and perfect for the "atmosphere" we were going for.

Enter fishing pole, fishnets, high heels, flannel and big over sized boots and...a moustache.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we did taking them. We really want to do another session so if any of you creative peeps out there have a suggestions for the next character to honor...we are all ears!

Click on photos to see them in full resolution.

By far our favorite photo of the day.

I hope you got a kick out of that! Let's give T-Nabs a round of applause for being such a good fucking sport!
Peace out my Twiloving friends...only 6 more days to bliss!!!

What next?

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11 comments: to “ The Greatest Charlie Swan Photo Shoot Ever: A Tribute


    I am so effin turned on right now. Seriously. I think the mustache/fishnets combination put me right over the edge.
    Bravo. Bra-Vo.


    LMAO, so cute! I've heard the mustache thing happens when you hit menopause...gulp.


    Hot and photogenic!
    More than Charlie can say, most days ;)


    AHAHAHA...Misty...You crack my shit up.
    I know...never thought a chick with a stache would be so damn sexy.

    @Z - lets hope to GOD when I go through menopause I don't get a stache quite THAT glorious.

    @Luxuria - hehe...I was pretty sure that if the fishermen that were on the other side of the hill would've known what was going on just beyond the tree line we would've had a riot.


    Charlie got sexy!!! Great job ladies!!


    Oh. Mah. Gahd. This is seriously the funniest shit EVER. A) you are beautiful B) you clearly have balls the size of very, very large boulders and C) I'm strangely attracted to a woman in a mustache.

    OMG, I have to look at these again. I fucking love you!!!


    Wow......really everyone....I can't thank you enough!!!! I have so much fun in this warm fuzzy twiworld caccoon that we have made and it makes me feel like we are all the bestest of friends and I'm really not embarrassed to do something in the name of laughter! I'm a bit overwhelmed because we definetly weren't going for hot....just humor. All day long we were chaneling Charlie Swan, but that is sorta difficult when you are only wearing fishnets!

    We had so much fun shooting the pics, and I am so glad that I did find my "boulder-sized" balls so that I could have a ton of fun sharing them with all of you!

    my vw is PROOD......I shit you not.....I still swear that those things are like opening a fortune cookie!!!


    LMFAO!!! YAY I'm so glad everyone is diggin them. I am jumping around like a little kid right now...seriously.

    JJ - Stache chicks...fuuck right? I think we have a fettish on our hands.

    T-Nabs...don't you get all PROOD-ish on me. I have some very compromising photos of you from back in the are the one that kicked off my "Lets Potty Hard" photo collection.

    OMG did we have fun. We really should've taken behind the scenes photos... The best was trying to get her to keep a straight face while I was taking pictures. And I'm like, "That's pretty, hold that. That looks really are wearing a moustache!!!"


    Omg thats fucking hilarious! Nice choice with Charlie, he doesn't get enough love!


    You guys are too much. Photography was awesome, model was rockin' it, 'stache was holding it's own (hey, competition is stiff when you're paired with booty shorts and fishnets).

    Magnificent :)


    How did I miss this at the time?? Another fantastic post biatches, proven by the fact Mr Stan had to tell me to shut up cackling ;o)