Monday, November 30, 2009

Twilight: Retold by Someone Who Has Never Seen It  

If any of you are an uber dork like myself you may have stumbled upon this amazing little gem of a You Tube video:

Star Wars Retold By Someone Who Has Never Seen It

If you haven't seen it... you should. It's fucking hilarious.

Anyway, after watching it I had the brilliant idea to have our favorite friend Jodie The TwiHater tell us the story of Twilight as she sees it (you all may remember her from: Twilight Showdown at Work). I of course am not nearly as movie savvy as the guy who made the Star Wars video but I think we held our own on this one.

Jodie The TwiHater has never read the books or seen the movie. The only thing she knows about Twilight is what she has seen in previews and heard in our random conversations at work. She seemed pretty convinced she had the basic storyline down so I let her have at it.

I hope you enjoy her amazing take on Twilight and a little clever photo editing to go along with her dialogue.

As always, comments keep us motivated. We love all of you! Enjoy!
PS: If you like this one, and you ask nicely we may or may not have a New Moon version up our sleeves.

You Tube Link if you can't see the embedded video.

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10 comments: to “ Twilight: Retold by Someone Who Has Never Seen It


    I really shouldn't be up this late for starters.......but holy shit Stoney.......just so everyone knows this was a total solo project for Stoney, and I hadn't viewed this until just now. I have tears rolling down my face right now. I seriously should have gone pee before watching that! I do, however, know what is up the proverbial sleeve for the New Moon version and I say....Stoney it is a must! I am so proud to be your friend right now......that was effing amazing.

    Jodie...if for some reason you may actually lower yourself to doing any extracurricular activities involving Twilight and end up reading these....Girl, I salute you! That was way too funny! And Robward is totally hotter that Elvis!


    I was laughing so hard at the "and Then?" "and Then?" "NO AND THEN!" that I think my coworkers must think I am choking on my lunch or something - SO funny! and of course we want to see the NM version now!

    : )

    [from one of snarkier than you's "other" gmail accounts...]


    This comment has been removed by the author.


    ROTFLMFAO! It started with a snort and chortle, then laughing hard, and then I completely lost it at the rainbows coming out of their butts. Hahahahaha!

    I had never seen the Star Wars one, and I enjoyed that as well.


    YAY! So excited that you all dig it. I wish it were higher quality, but I"m not that cool.

    Working on the NM one...but like I told Nabs yesterday I'm balls deep in my fanfic right now and can't seem to break away from it. : )


    I seriously just can't get enough of the phrase "Balls Deep" I really don't think it gets used enough.

    @mouse- the rainbows got me, but my fav was the foil hat. I told Stoney at lunch that the only thing better would have been an armadillo!


    I'm going to end up ruining my roommate's computer. I'm always eating or drinking something when i'm reading your blog...won't make no more beverage mistakes cause the laptop almost went bye bye in my fit of laughter


    That was totally an eye-opening breakdown.. thank you, TwiHater Jodie...the rainbows out of the butts was especially entertaining :) Jedi mind tricks.. it makes total sense to me now....
    And honestly, Team Normal has no place in our world!lol


    Fuck Team Normal........Give me a Vampsicle or a Wolfstick anyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    VW Pricadip......I got a little pricadip in my panties just thinking about it!!!


    Jodi is the best story teller! I don't know why they didn't ask her to write the screen play for Twilight. It would have been better. Damn you Katherine Hardwicke! You ruined some of my fav scenes! Effing Meadow...