Friday, December 18, 2009

How many HUMAN Twilight Characters Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?  

That might win for longest title in history...seriously.

Ok, so sorry for a lack of updates and comments from the peanut gallery (us). I totally got my ASS kicked by the Swine flu this week. Yes, down with the H1 to the N1...or "High Nigh" if you are down with the piggy sickness.

I had a fever for so long and for so many days I was pretty convinced I was going to turn into a werewolf at any given moment. I mean really I had all the symptoms:

Flushed skin and high temperature - CHECK!
Getting pissed off easily - Everytime my husband wakes me up with a stupid question like, "Where are the pull-ups?" I have to fight an urge to come at him like a spider monkey with an anger management problem, so... CHECK!

Anyway...I'm feeling better now and I'm heading over to T-Nabs' house in a few to lay down some sweet ass tracks for your later enjoyment. Until then I thought I would at least throw you guys a bone.

If you don't recall our last Twilight Lightbulb istallment...check it out here.

So here it is:

How many HUMAN Twilight Characters Does it Take To Change a Lightbulb?

Mike will insist that he changes the light bulb but only if Bella stays and watches so he can show off his manliness and prove he's the best guy for her. Eric and Angela will takes pictures of the light bulb being changed and then post it as front page news in tomorrow's school newspaper. Jessica will roam the school wearing her most seductive low-cut shirt in an attempt to persuade the entire male student body to come to her rescue. Tyler will change the light bulb because he's such a nice guy, but then he will accidentally lose his balance, and as he's falling off the latter the bulb will fly out of his hand and narrowly miss Bella's head by a mere centimeter before shattering in a million pieces. Bella will then trip over a crack in the floor and land in the shattered glass cutting her hands and knees which leads to yet another visit to the hospital. Tyler will spend the rest of his life apologizing to her. Renee will tell everyone she can't change the light bulb due to geographic difficulties and Charlie will take the light bulb in for questioning as part of an on-going investigation of a string of unexpected black-outs plaguing the town.

*Thank you Nameless Wonder for your contribution to the "Twilight Characters and Lightbulbs" Saga. I love you.

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