Monday, December 21, 2009

The 12 Things that Summit Did...  

The 12 Things that Summit Did that Really Pissed Us Off!!!

I think no further intro is needed right? I hope you get a kick out of it. I know we had a blast erm...recording it. Between my swine flu man-boy voice and T-Nabs' endearing tonedeafness we were quite the pair!


Proceed with caution.

What next?

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26 comments: to “ The 12 Things that Summit Did...

  • Banders


    I love it!! What happened to Twitarded? Do you think it is a nipple bite? It is unsightly! I am glad you put to song what I have been thinking all this time!


    @Banders: Summit tried to say that Twitarded's logo was infringing on their copywrighted design...bullshizzy. And yes that is a nipple bite.


    Hahaha, that was great. I couldn't contain myself at Jacob's poodle wig, and Edward's constipation. You even had my 14 year-old Twi-hater son laughing!


    @Z - Everytime a TwiHater laughs at something Twilight related - an angel gets it's wings...


    WOW!! you always know how to make me piss myself! BRAVO ladies!!


    WOOOOT! thanks for including us - given the fact that there were SO many offenses to consider, I am glad we made the cut in your vid!! You two slay me - even with swine flu, you you're hysterical!


    This.Was.Histerical!!!! This fucking cracked me up!!
    Lol Girls!! I seriously can't stop laughing.. !!

    Merry Christmas!


    @ Susie - thanks for blogging about us...that was baller.

    @STY - We had a HUGE list of offenses but we sat and considered how pissed off each one made us and that is how we made the cuts.

    @Mrs V - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Glad you liked it.


    Fanfuckingtastic! I loved it :)


    You. Girls. Rock!hahahahahahahahahaha
    I am your follower from now on!the end!


    I love you ladies over here! I can just imagine you sitting with the list of things that piss you off and voting with ice-skating style score cards to find the top 12. Fantastic!

    I can't wait for the New Year so I can get back in the bloggy swing of things, I've just not had chance to visit all my faves the past few weeks. xx

  • Anonymous


    You ladies are being way too hard on yourselves over your singing! I've heard worse that have recording contracts!!! Besides I was laughing out loud so loudly that I wasn't focused on your voices!!! great nod to the TWitards!
    I'm not sure I understand the kissing in Voltera disdain---What did I miss? I could have sat through 2 hours and 10 minutes of just Rob kissing.



    @Stan - lol...we were sitting in a little corner booth at Panera Bread trying not to laugh so hard that we attracted the attention of all of the 'suits' sitting around doing important lunch business.

    @Anonymous - T-Nabs was particularly bothered by the fact that they kissed in Voltera when that was not in the book. She liked the suspense of no kissy touchy in book land.


    I FINALLY got a chance to listen...and OH MY F-ng' God!!! I have never laughed so hard! You girls seriously rock!!


    That was an amazing freaking video! Great job cracked me up ;)


    Thank you to everyone! I'm still in a bit of shock that we were included on the blogs of Apples n' Feathers as well as Twitarded. I kinda feel like we got asked to throw the opening pitch at the World's Series!

    So, since it has been brought up, I'd like clarify my distaste for kissing in Volterra and Edward's grandpa shoes. Bella never once kissed Edward in Volterra. It was all about the heartbreak and her disbelief that she meant anything to him. That first kiss back in her room really meant something! Although the kiss in Volterra was hot to watch it still pissed me off. I was expecting it though due to previews. I went on a rant to Stoney the first time I saw it months ago! I was livid!

    As for the shoes, they really aren't that bad. What bothers me so much is the fact that he has been wearing them non-stop trekking through the jungles of Brazil, and while his clothes have become tattered and torn his shoes still shine in all their glory! Was it really too much work for them to find some sexy shoes for Edward?

    Ok........stopping before I write a blogworthy in length comment. I'll stop with saying thank you again to everyone. You all are too awesome for words!





  • jaima


    Bravo, that was hysterical and VERY imaginative.

    OK, a question, in the meadow scene when you see the shot from Edwards right, what the hell is in his pants that has a 4 inch right angle?

    Merry Christmas everyone.


    @jaima, haven't looked yet but everything about that scene is wrong, wtf is up with the way they're lying? I think they were in the trees again and fell - everything about their legs in that scene screams spinal injury.


    Hey, found you girls through Apples and feathers. That is bloody hilarious! I couldn't agree more. XXX


    Hilarious - I could think of so many more things Summit did to piss me off... but it wouldn't be a funny song... more of a drunk, angry, rant... LOL

    You guys did great! I posted and linked ;)

  • Pam J


    So funny! I do like the shoes though - oxfords are so 1950's, which I love. I'll just change that section to "firing Rachelle Lefevre", and sing it at dinner tomorrow, lol!


    fuckin' love it! that's made my christmas xx



    Glorious wonderment (boy-voice and tone-deaf included). You two need your own zipcode to house your elephantitis-size cahones.


    The size of my balls are directly related to the deepness of my voice...muhahahahahaha.


    Still LMAO! I'd buy your CD ;)