Friday, December 25, 2009


So today I woke up at 4AM and rolled out of bed and lugged my super duper heavy suitcase through the cold wet muddy yard (because there is a HUGE truck parked in the driveway that is taking up all non muddy walking real estate...hmpf) and was unceremoniously pelted by freezing rain and serenaded by my roosters who can't tell the fucking time (yes, real roosters).

Then I hauled my sleeping four year old out of bed, kissed DH goodbye and headed off to the great white mitten otherwise known as Michigan, to visit my family for Christmas.

Why am I leaving my husband at home alone on Christmas Day?

Ask my fucking best friend who decided to get married the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS. Katie, if you are reading this, I love your face and would do just about anything for you but seriously...WTF? : ) I love you.

My 8 hour trip consisted of me singing along (badly as you all know) to every song on my iPod and practically wearing out my New Moon soundtrack and kicking myself over and over for forgetting that EVERY fucking fast food place is closed on Christmas Day so I had to feed myself and my munchkin gas station doughnuts and chocolate milk.

Anyway, I thought of all of you a lot during my drive and wanted to jump on and wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Thank you SO much for all the amazing comments on 12 Days - and a super big thank you to my favorite bitches at Twitarded for giving us a shout-out.

Don't worry - T-Nabs and I have muchos funny up our sleeves and plan to get back into the swing of things as soon as this family cluster fuckedness is over.



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5 comments: to “ MERRY MIS MIS!!!!


    Merry Christmas! Sorry to hear how you spent your Christmas day, I hope your 4yr old didn't subject you to too much of "Are we there yet?", because I know what mine are like on 2hr journeys, let alone 8hrs!

    Have a fantastic time at the wedding today :o).

    Thrilled for you that you got your Twitarded mention and some new followers, I could never understand why you ladies didn't have more because you always crack me up!



    Stoney come home soon. I feel like a hole has been punched through my chest. I'm just not myself with you so far away!

    Have fun at the wedding......I am completely jealous of you going to an event with music,dancing, and an open bar while I am stuck here for the third day of family parties!

    Oh yeah, Mr. T said he'd do just about anything if I'd let him go hunting two whole days this coming weekend! Me thinks I just earned a "Girls Night Out"! Round up the wagons I feel the need to go see New Moon again!

    @ Stan- Merry Christmas to you too! We just started this blog a few months ago, so we are completely thrilled with any amount of followers we have. Of course, more would be amazing; but the fact that we have any to speak of still makes me do a little squee dance! Thanks so much for your support. I always get a kick out of your comments!


    Awww STAN!!! You just left a little melty spot in my heart!!!

    Little SGP wasn't too bad. She's a pretty kick ass little kid so she and I rocked out to the Glee soundtrack for about two hours straight and then she took a little snoozer. We usually have a DVD player for her but ours committed suicide off the counter a few months back and is no longer with us.

    Nabs - I got the coolest effing xmas gift I need to talk to you. If you get a call on your cell from a 616 area code that would be me.

    And I'm UBER jazzed about girls night. Although that Art Show submission date is Jan 16 so we might need to get a jump on that. I really want to show this year. : ) MUHAHAHAHAHAH


    Totally forgot about the art show. Muhahahaha indeed! Maybe permission for such an escapade could be retribution for said "hunting excursion"! I feel like I'm talking in code!


    Got ya beat, we did an 18 hour trip to Texas....then back again......I now know what Zombies feel like...