Friday, March 5, 2010

TwiSoup is Sad Today  

This will be a short post...sadly.

Due to some unforeseen events in our real life we had to put the trip to Chicago on hold. We will not be able to see JBone and 100 Monkeys and while we are super duper bummed, sometimes family has to come first.

Don't worry, we are all fine, we just need to take a moment and get our personal lives in order.

We do have some fun things on the way though, so no worries.

Dirty Seuss will be making an appearance.

We have a great video about Twilight on it's way.

There have even been rumors of a podcast...shhhh...this is super duper top secret.

So please bear with us for a few more days. We will be back and better than ever.

Muchos love!

If you aren't reading this better get to it. OR ELSE!

What next?

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11 comments: to “ TwiSoup is Sad Today


    I saw your tweet to SoTwired and came here hoping it wasn't true. I am sorry 1) that real life isn't going well right now and 2) that you won't get to go to the concert. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Hugs to all.


    Sorry things aren't going as planned at the moment :o(.

    On the plus side, not only am I up to date with COB, but today I read The Ascent - fab, I loved it! More of both pleeeeeease!

    (((hugs))) xx


    That is poopy about missing out on the show!! **thumbs down**

    Did somebody say podcast??!! **thumbs up**

    Er, wait...I mean...wha???
    I never heard ANYTHING about a podcast.

    I'm super good at keeping secrets.

    Off to read more COB.....



    Yes, it's true.....the overload of BS entering my life at this moment has about as good of timing as a period showing up on a wedding day!

    In short, Mr. T and I are basically divorcing my mother. We technically live in her house, but she spends most of the year in Florida taking care of my elderly grandmother. It seemed to work out well for everyone. She had someone to take care of her house, and we had a place to live for cheap. Mom and I have always had issues, but when she came back from Florida this time as I said to Stoney earlier this week the shittith hath hittith the fannith.

    Mr. T is just done taking her shit, and he declared that we are "MOVING OUT". This has all happened over the past 2 days. Traveling to Chicago and back this evening just wasn't in the cards anymore. Plus, my crazy mother was the one that was supposed to be watching the kiddos!

    It really isn't that big of a deal, but it came with awful timing. Mr. T and I are actually incredibly excited. The bad this week also coincided with a huge new opportunity for his business, so not all is glum and gloomy her in Soup-land! We are going to be just fine, but a piece of my heart may forever be broken because we didn't go see 100 Monkeys!

    My appologies for the long confessional...I just wanted to give you all the real story and let Stoney know again that I'm so sorry we had to miss the concert.

    Thank you everyone for the support, and yes plenty more funny stuff to come once the dust settles!!!!!


    Did I just read Podcast?!?
    Hmmm... this sounds AWFULLY FAMILIAR...

    Cant quite put my finger on where from though..hmmmm MYSTERY!

    I love you Stoney <3
    You know your UK wifey will always be here for you.
    Sorry you had to miss the concert...I know you and TNabs were well excited.

    TNabs - Im sorry such shit hath hittith the fannith.
    Although might I say that "10 things I hate about you rules.."
    I love you!

    Just think Stoney - this time next year. You + Me = Cuddlefest! :D

  • Anonymous


    @T-nabs---your avi still makes me horny. Does that you feel better? No? I tried...

    Real life sucks ass sometimes. I know it tooooo well. So does living with relatives.


    Did you guys know that 100 Monkeys will be in StL in a few days?!


    here are the StL details...

    MARCH 7, 2010 1P
    Vintage Vinyl
    6610 Delmar Blvd
    St Louis, MO 63130

    MARCH 7, 2010 9P
    The Old Rock House
    1200 South 7th Blvd
    St. Louis, MO 63104
    $13 ADVANCE
    $15 DOOR


    Erin- you fuckin rock my world! I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it, but shit....they'll be at Vintage Vinyl.....hmmmmmmm. I just don't know. I'm really freakin out!


    So sorry to hear about the shitteous fan. Part of getting through life successfully is being able to adapt to change at a moments notice. I have some Mommy Any Mouse stories that would make your toes curl, but I still love her. My goal is to not do the same shit to my own kids. So far, so good.

    100 Monkeys are good enough to where I don't think they'll be disappearing any time soon. You'll get another opportunity to get your banana on, hopefully tonight!


    Blarg!!! So annoying! But, it does sound like even if the timing sucks, it means good things. Yay for that at least! Did you also say that they added a show closer to you anyway? Hopefully you get to see them before too long :)

    I would love if they hit the northwest!