Friday, March 26, 2010

Stoney Takes On Breaking Dawn  

So the other day my favorite person in the world, Poptarrts from Lick My Poptart, got a wild hair up her ass and asked me to comment on Breaking Dawn for a feature on her blog.

Now she knows me well enough to be perfectly aware that Breaking Dawn and I don't necessarily get along.

In fact, this is the movie I'm looking the most forward to and not because I'm excited about seeing the story played out on the screen I'm mostly looking forward to seeing what the fuck Summit is going to do with the implied sex, and bloody impromptu c-section...imagine that shit in 3D.

Frankly unless the official Breaking Dawn poster looks like this, my hopes are not high for an Epic Win:

(This poster made by Nameless Wonder from TwiSoup.)

So without further ado...please take a moment and check out my commentary on Breaking Dawn. I promise you will enjoy the book or hate it.

What next?

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