Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Look out Chi-Town TwiSoup in the HOUSE!  

Guess what?

We are going to CHI-TOWN!!!!!

Why do you ask? Have we suddenly taken an obsessive interest in Chicago style pizza? Or possibly our recent discovery of the Chicago Museum of Holography has left us unable to resist a visit? Or maybe we just really like fucking wind....

Oh yeah, just like that...give it to me wind.

Ok so none of those reaons are why we are actually going to Chicago.

We are going to see 100 Monkeys
. That's have heard correctly. TwiSoup will be breathing the same air as JBone. Or as T-Nabs says...we will be sharing Argon and he will be INSIDE of us. Ask her about theory when we are in Forks.

We got this hairbrained idea last week when T-Nabs and I downloaded the 100 Monkeys album 'Grapes' and took a listen. We were immediately taken with them and started researching their tour schedule to see if they were coming anywhere near St. Louis. Of course, they weren't...I swear to the music gods St. Louis is like the forgotten city. NO good bands ever come here anymore. It's pretty effing depressing actually. Anyway, lately Nabs and I have been beginning to appreciate the panty melting hottness that is JBone. I have always thought he was a smexy fool...but we discovered when you combine his amazing eyes and dimples with his smoldering voice and stoner jam band have an epic win.

*Funny story. As I'm writing this a new tour date got added on their website for St. Louis two days after we see them in Chicago. Looks like it's a whole WEEKEND of 100 Monkeys. Holy shit on a cracker batman.*

Thank goodness we live fairly close to Chicago. Sure we may have to drive five hours to get there, party, and then drive five hours back but I'm totally willing to make the sacrifice.

We will probably look a little bit like this....

Sent at 3:32PM on Tuesday
*Keep in mind when we get excited we have to shit. It's like clockwork.
Me: I'm so stoked.
TwiNabler: me toooooooooooooooooooooo
TwiNabler: Holy shit batman we are actually doing this. I'm hyperventilating.
Twinabler: fuck fuck fuck fuck my duck duck duck duck with any luck luck luck we will meet JBone.
TwiNabler: Have I mentioned that I'm a wee bit excited? I can't type properly.
Me: OMFG I'm going to poop myself.
TwiNabler: I know I gotta poop too but I just put in a new tampon and I don't want to go poop yet.
Me: That. Was. Awesome.

So, has anyone seen them live? How was it? We will be sure to take a shit ton of pictures and don't worry, we will represent the Twitards proper. No squealy fangirl shenanigans for us. Our coolness factor wouldn't allow it. And just to make sure we will be keeping our fangirl persona's on a short leash and possibly administering some sedatives. Sounds fun right?

Got any 100 Monkeys stories? Spill 'em!!!!


In other news...

The other day I received the most amazing Valentines Day card in the whole entire world.

Can I just say that through the Twilight Fandom I have met some of the most incredible people. As most of you on Twitter know (and if you are not on Twitter...WTF?) Poptarrts and I are total besties. We are co-authoring Call of Booty which I will honor with an official post pretty soon here. If you are not reading it, do it now. Trust me you need some hot Gameward in your life.

So I leave you with my little present from my amazing TwitterFanficUK Wifey Poptarrts. Me love you long time.

You know...when something tells me not to do something...I REALLY want to do it. My fingers were just twitching to BEND IT...JUST DO IT...BEND IT!!!!

Great custom cover art...totally dig it. Sights-Ma is a fun nickname she has developed for me.
You'll have to ask her about it.

It was a CARD!!! I was so stoked. I heart cards.

A LOVE poem??? I don't even get love poems from the husband!!! I'm so spoiled.

I have to say...I loved the Twitter format.



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21 comments: to “ Look out Chi-Town TwiSoup in the HOUSE!


    what does it say about me, that even though this post is chock fucking full of goodness...all i can think about is how i also hold my poop if i have a fresh tampon in??!!
    jeezusharoldchrist. i laughed so hard i nearly barfed up a lung!!!

    and poptarrt sounds like the BEST VELENTINE EVER!!!

    btw...i'm deep into, balls deep. good shit.

    thanks ladies!


    and by velentine i mean valentine. duhhhh. fml.


    I love the Poptarrt Valentine. So sweet. I love reading the tweets between the two of you every day, they never fail to make me smile or laugh out loud.

    Congrats on the 100 Monkey's tickets> I know SoTwired has seen them and I am sure she has some tips.


    Yaay 100 know I dont wanna hear this shit....

    Im blsuhing so ahrd right now.. you really didnt have to go to so much trouble...

    I love that you did though - major nookie tonight for you!



    I sound retarded.


    There. All better.


    You guys will love 100 Monkeys (I hope). I have seen them twice, and both times at an all-ages club. Basically that means all-ages except people over 22, but hey at 47 I don't give a fuck any more. I was going to email you some pics, but Jenny Jerkface beat me to it and we made the blog. Check out our story on Twitarded! The live show is awesome, and their music is really growing on me. I hope you guys have a great time!


    SO jealous that you get to see 100 monkeys!!! Someday I'll save enough for tickets and hopefully they'll show nearer to me ...

    Love the valentine, it turned out so kick ass! I got no valentine's this year, so jealz!


    I'm gonna go ahead and admit that I have a mini panic attack a few times a day when I realize that we are going to see 100 Monkeys. WE were seriously just sitting around one day and I was like we should check the tour dates to see if they are coming anywhere close to us and our heads we had already ditched our hubby's and kids for a roadtrip to Chicago! Yeah we're crazy. Driving to Chi-town.....seeing the show......and then driving back all in the same day. If that's not show of fuckin dedication I don't know what is......

    My biggest issue now is wardrobe. I've got no effing clue what to me, help me, help me!!!!!


    @T-Nabs I'm sure you'll find something. At least you've got a smokin' hot bod as your starting point. Mine left me 10 years and 3 kids ago. My best advice is wear shoes that you won't mind standing in for 6-7 hours. If the venue is a first come/first serve type of place you need to get there at least a couple hours early to be first in line, then hold your spot in the front row and you cannot leave unless you have someone lay down spread-eagle to hold your place. It can be brutal up there, so keep your sharp elbows handy.


    @z-Thanks for the info and totally making me blush! I hear are a total bitch on the body. Stoney nearly beats me everyday b/c I've had 3. She calls me a freak of nature!

    I was planning on wearing sneakers so I'm cool there. If we are going to an all ages show that has a basement venue and those doors don't open til half hour before show time do you think others will be lined up waiting to get into the basement? I'm thinking probably so. How early did you show up to get a good spot?


    @T-Nabs You've had 3 also?! Let me know when Stoney's done beating you, so I can take over, lol.

    We arrived 2-2 1/2 hours before showtime (both concerts) and there was only one other person in line. The big crowd didn't start showing up until 1/2 hr before, and a lot of people don't come until the first two crappy bands are out of the way. So I guess it depends on how bad you want to be in the front. For me, it's like riding a roller coaster. It's just not the same unless you're in the front seat. Once the Monkeys come on, you'll be glad you waited for hours to be up front. Jackson plays to the crowd, and you won't have anyone blocking your view. They don't do any pics until after their equiptment is loaded back in the Monkey truck, but if you wait long enough they will do pics and talk with you. They're badass musicians, but really nice guys. The bummer about all-ages is they don't allow alcohol of any kind, and at one of the places we were practically strip searched before going in (I mean, fuck, we're 47 year-old ladies for god's sake!). Don't even try to bring in contraband, and save the drinking for later. One sniff and you'll be kicked out.

    If you're lucky you'll get at least one good warm-up band. At the last one we saw Plague Vendor, and they blew my socks off. I've never seen anything like it.


    Thanks Z, We'll get there early. The place we are going to is a resteraunt/bar ground level so at worst we could just eat something while we wait. I don't mind waiting to be up front. If I can't participate in any of my other vices then I'm definitely going to be as close to the stage as humanly possible! Stoney feels the same way.

    About the pics, the ones I saw of you over at SoTwired were taken outside. What should we do after the show. Some people have said wait inside, but most pics of Twitards have been taken outdoors. I have to have a plan of action or I'm going to have a panic attack!

    The best part is that we have two shots at it. If we miss seeing them in Chicago we get to try again in STL. Ok, now I'm freakin out again. It is nearing New Moon premeire antitcipation. Z, you are really helping to calm my nerves....thanks again!


    @T-Nabs - Actually my pix were posted on Twitarded, not SoTwired, but it probably doesn't matter, meh. At both venues, the mgt. kicked us out of the indoor area and told us to wait outside. That's where we took all of our pics too. You'll get a lot of info from the regulars there, so do your best to make friends with the locals. Each place is different. When are you going?


    @z-funny you pointed out they were posted on crossed my mind randomly the other night that I had typed the wrong name. I had just been Twittering with Twired and got all discombobulated. Yeah, it's pretty obvious considering your first comment even said JJ posted your pics.....I'd be just as proud to have my pics posted on Twitarded!

    We are going Friday March 5th and possibly again on sunday march 7. We are playing it by ear bc we don't want to seem like crazy bandaids and show up at two shows in a row. Plus, convincing our husbands that we need to go see the same band twice in one weekend can be sorta tricky. Add trying to get a babysitter for 3 kids twice in one weekend and you have some serious challenges.

    I just know that Stoney is going to have me shamelessly flirt with the employees to get insider information. I swear, I always get put up to that shit! Although, it did get us a shit ton of butter on our popcorn, and the perfect soda/vodka mix at New Moon!


    I am officially jealous.....also I don't poop when I just put a tampon in, also I hate tampons.....also I'm being made , MADE to see a folk band on saturday...also that had pissed me off but because hubtard bought me nice goth shit for my birthday and has got some more for my mothers day present and he also bought me a kick ass grim reaper mirror at Xmas and I make him see bands I like although he feneiged at greenday I guess I have to go. I am wearing a cheesecloth shirt and open toe sandals and maybe daisys in my hair. The daisys may end up in my fucking ears if they're shit.

    So to recap I'm jealous. I'm waiting for ENGLISH tour you fucking monkey men!!!!

    Also I'm sorry I have been absent from your funny as fuck blog but too much stimulus combined with sugar and chocolate makes my head spin worse than Linda Blair in a microwave oven.

    Lurve you peeps, enjoy your monkeys and I'll try enjoy my fucking hippies-goddamn tree huggers!


    Nice to see you over here whore.
    Thanks to everyone who commented. I'm so fucking behind on commenting on blogs its not even funny...I thought I should start with my own...Work has been hell the past few days..FML.

    Z - Thanks for all the stellar advice. I'm super stoked. I think I may go you think that will attract his attention?

    Nibbles - JUST BACK AWAY FROM THE PATCHOULI!!!! Totally toke on whatever they have to hand to you though. Hippies are super cool like that. They have the best green. Can't fault them for that.

    Love you all.


    That is totally so true they do, I know because before I went all hard core and gothic many moons ago I was absolutely into (and still am into cos they're cool) Led Zed & Hendrix etc and i smoked a lot of dope. There was nothing to do in the town I lived in but get drunk and or stoned-My band of merry men-yeah they were all guys-we did that-a lot. With names like Rooster, Yeti, Whitey, Frankie, No notes, Spider and Mimi I guess we had no where to go but up in smoke pmsl


    @ nibbles I went thru a pretty gothy phase in high school. The other co-author, Nameless Wonder and I dressed like vampires for wasn't a themed Prom either.

    Now I'm very rockabilly....lots of tattoos....I have the bettie page pinup hair. I dig it.

    I do miss the goth days sometimes tho...GOTH Poptarts no EMO....which is watered down sad goth.


    @Stoney - All ages clubs are really strict about alcohol and other vices, but I'm pretty sure clothing is optional.

    One thing I forgot to mention. The clubs we went to allowed you to bring in a REAL camera. I didn't bring one the first time because I'm so used to regular concert venues that don't allow cameras of any kind. I was kicking myself!


    You've gotta be fucking kidding me....I wrote a comment of blogworthy size but it got lost in cyber space.......fuck me in the goat balls batman!

    Recap......Camera at the show is awesome, Husbands that can pick out clothes kick ass, Hippies are my soulmates, and I love you all!

    Good lord, I'm still pissed at the internet!


    Today's the day!!! Have a great time swinging on vines and eating bananas with the 100 Primates!