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Apples & Boobies...with a side of Forks  

All original photography by Stoney G. Pumpkin.
Please ask permission before using any of the images in this post.
If you want to use one just email me first.
These are my babies and my heart and soul so please respect all of the artwork.




Three words that peak my interest whenever they are brought into a conversation separately. Can you imagine what would happen if all three of them came together at once?

I can…because they did.

Every year as part of the Mardi Gras festivities in St. Louis the amazing Koken Art Factory plays host to one of the most entertaining art shows of the year. Usually the weekend before Grande Parade day the enormous warehouse is filled wall to wall with often breathtaking…sometimes funny…always interesting pieces of erotic art. To compliment the art, there are live Burlesque performances by Lola Van Ella & the Bon Bons (please take a moment to check them out), live music, and three fully functional bars.

What's that Lola? You are amazing and everyone should check out your site? I think so too!
Lola VanElla

For me…it is quite possibly the closest thing to heaven on earth.

From the moment I first laid eyes on this festival of debauchery I wanted to get artwork into this show…no, I NEEDED to get artwork into this show.

Of three things I was positive. First, I wanted to do artistic nudes. Second, I wanted it to be tasteful. Third, I didn’t care how, but I was going to incorporate Twilight in the pictures come hell or high water.

My always clever muse T-Nabs had the brilliant idea of alluding to the Twilight book covers in each photo. This worked out nicely because each artist is allowed to submit four pieces of art to be considered for the show and there are four book covers. The day before the shoot I purchased a bag of apples, some red ribbon and a chess set all before I realized that finding the fucking Tulip on the cover of New Moon was going to be next to impossible in time for the art submission deadline.

Fuck you rare out of season Tulip...I hate you.

So, scratch that idea.

Having a very vague idea of what I wanted to create I hauled my camera and some props into my friend Banda’s house (it was a kid free zone) and prepared to shoot my Super Secret Nudie Friend (SSNF from this point forward) in several interesting and most likely compromising positions. With my backdrop all laid out we cranked the heat up in the house, banished Banda’s hubby to the bedroom and then stood around waiting for SSNF to get drunk brave enough to strip down to her birthday suit.

Go ahead and get's ok I'm a professional photographer.

Soon enough I was snapping away all of us merrily making jokes as SSNF froze to death on the floor of the living room trying to look serious and not laugh as we cracked jokes about her…well…crack.

This one was titled "For Jasper" because it is beautiful but just a little dark and twisty.

We started with our Ode To Twilight….

A crotch-apple a day keeps the yeast infections away?

Sadly we had nothing for New Moon so we moved right onto Eclipse...there was a lot of "Sorry, I'm not trying to grope you right now I just need to get this ribbon around this...yep...right there...ok..." SSNF and I got very up close and personal during this photoshoot. I think in some countries we are legally married now.

My idea for Breaking Dawn was so good in my head but it just didn't translate well into photographs. I had forgotten to take into account the fact that chess pieces would not stay put easily on the curves of a human being without some sort of adhesive...I'm not the brightest crayon in the box sometimes.

I will, however, still share the attempt.

This is when things turned a bit silly.

I asked Banders to go get me some forks. She obliged and to my complete shock dumped about forty forks onto the floor next to me. So what did we do? We started sticking them EVERYWHERE....duh.

Ode to Domward? You decide.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you were not really trying to do something cool but suddenly out of nowhere your mojo just sort of kicks in and takes over? This happened to me during the photoshoot.

I was just about to call "THAT'S A WRAP" when I got a case of the giggles. I started picking up a handful of the random forks laying all around me and jabbing them one by one into a stray apple that had rolled its way beside me on the floor.

Soon I had a sunburst of forks with a bright red apple in the middle. I looked at Banders then at SSNF and they both nodded having the same idea at the same time.

SSNF laid down on her back and I placed the apple sunburst in the only place that made sense...

This was how "Fork It" was born.


I submitted four pieces to the Koken Art Factory Naughti Gras judging panel and kept my fingers crossed that they would accept even ONE of my pieces. This is one of the largest shows in St. Louis and they only accept 150 pieces out of hundreds and hundreds of submissions.

On January 23rd I obsessively checked and rechecked my email waiting for my inbox to finally contain a "Yes" or "No" from the panel.

Finally, there it was...and it was a YES!!! They had accepted "Fork It" into the show!!! I called SSNF, Banders and Nabs and shared my incredible luck! But my luck didn't end there. Four days before the night of the show I got a frantic text from Banders who told me to "call her back right away, don't wait!"

SGP: Hey what's up?
B: Do you have any extra cash right now to get a frame and some matting?
SGP: Why?
B: Dad (her dad works for Koken) just called and said the Naughti Gras people want to enter in another of your pieces. This is a huge deal.
SGP: Done and done.

While the second piece was not Twilight related it's still perty. St. Louis takes Mardi Gras pretty damn seriously so I had to have a salute to Soulard and the amazing people that make it happen every year.

Port de Bras Une Masque

The show was just amazing. There were so many people that attended you could barely find standing room that didn't result in rubbing up against someone inappropriately. I was honored to be represented amongst some of the top artists in St. Louis and I was even more stoked about throwing in my own little Twilightly reference and force feeding it to the erotica loving public.
Me with my photos on display.
Check out my shirt...yeah I'm inappropriate like that.
To see photos of all of the Art please visit Koken Art Factory.

I love all of you ladies!
Special thanks to SSNF for letting me get all "gyno" on her ass
and making this ALL possible.

What next?

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12 comments: to “ Apples & Boobies...with a side of Forks


    Beautiful pics! I'm super impressed :)

    My fav is "Fork It"


    Wow, those are BEAUTIFUL! I have always loved photography as an art form, and these are amazing. Both my parents are artists, and I am a quilter (I know, yawn, but it is actually another form of art),and I have developed quite an eye and appreciation for all styles and expressions of art. I really love all these, but my favorite, hands down, is "For Jasper". Breathtaking.


    OH my GOD and Edward these were so cool! I want to do some like these now! We need MORE!


    That's freaking awesome!!!! Congratulations. I love the whole Fork It! theme, but my favorite is Ode To Twilight. Sexy as hell. Thanks for sharing!


    Stoney's photo-taking abilities astound me! I know she was a bit nervous about putting these up here. Thank you all for the constant support! I'm thinking I might have to convince her to develop some of these to hang in my house!


    Holy shit!! I fucking LOVE these!!! You are super duper talented and I am so impressed.

    You are awesome. Plain and simple.


    WOW!!! I love Eclipse! I love Fork It!

    I love the creative mind - it just amazes me.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing these.

    Oh and thanks to your SSNF for playing along. She is a gorgeous canvas on which to create art. Congratulations!


    Absolutely gorgeous and congratulations on the show!

    Just beautiful!


    Whoa, you are one talented chick! These are gorgeous. My favourite is the Eclipse one, but Fork It rocks too.


    Amazing pics Stoney! Congrats on the show :o) xx


    Thank you everyone for the kind words!

    This was a great opportunity for exposure for me as well as a wonderful way to spread the Twilight

    I love seeing how each persons favorite is different...funny how we all have different tastes.

    I have to say the "bondage" photo is my favorite. I love that there is so much going on. So much sharp contrasted with the soft curves. The brilliant red against pale skin..the detail of the bite in the apple..."forbidden fruit" if you will indulge some cliche...

    Next show is called "Alice" and all artwork is to inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Still thinking on this one.


    @Stoney -Ask Johnny Depp to pose for you.