Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leave Robsten Alone!!!! know we had to put our two or three cents in on the whole "Robsten" phenom. And to be totally honest, we are tired of all the haters. If we keep fucking with the two of them this can only end badly for us right? If they break up then all the chemistry will be null and void. So what if they are bumpin' uglies and swappin' love would too if you were them!

So here's to all the haters.

PS. We love you bitches for watching our shit.

What next?

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2 comments: to “ Leave Robsten Alone!!!!


    PMSL! Nutters! xx


    A little disclaimer if I may......I in no way claim to have any acting ability what-so-ever!!! Stoney and I were at my house when recording this completely sober, in the afternoon, and amongst the company of our children!!! I was sitting there trying to figure out why the hell I was so damn nervous.It was then that Stoney realized and we made the decision that from this point on....our husbands will be placed in charge of children while we get ourselves into a drunken stupor before we make commit me to making a jack-ass of myself online again! I said sounds good to me, then I stole a glass of Heineken from my hubby's mini-keg in the fridge, chugged it down and got to recording!

    I will say this though....after posting it, I feel more relaxed about the whole situation. The twi-bloggy world is a relatively safe place. Thank you everyone who has viewed this and not completely ripped me a new one! You all are awesome!