Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm not an addict. Baby, that's a lie...  

Twilight addiction is a growing concern amongst teen girls and adult women today. The immediate addictive qualities attached to the Twilight Saga written by Stephenie Meyer, is effecting more and more women everyday, however not much is currently known about the disease. The following information may help you better identify yourself or a loved one as a Twilight addict.

TwiNabler makes her TwiSoupy debut...WOOT!

Warning signs
If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you could have a Twilight abuse problem and may benefit from outside help:

Do you think often about Twilight while you are doing other activities?

Have friends, family members, or your employer expressed concerns about your Twilight obsession?

Has your Twilight obsession had a negative effect on any of the following areas of your life: relationships with family members and others - your work - physical health - mental health - recreational activities - finances (from the expense of Twilight related items) - legal situation (including but not limited to charges of stalking).

Do you or others notice a significant change in your personality when you are talking about Twilight or reading Twilight? Do you become extremely sad or extremely happy, or do you not care what is happening in your life?

Does your behavior change in other ways when you are using Twilight? Do you embarrass yourself or others? Do you become aggressive or violent toward others when they do not like Twilight? Do you withdraw from non Twilight loving people? Do you misuse work internet frequently for Twilight related 'research'?

Do you seek out activities that will include Twilight?

Is it hard for you to stop thinking about/watching/reading Twilight once you start?

Do you ever have trouble remembering periods of time when you've been abusing Twilight.

The importance of getting help
Twilight abuse is a progressive disease. The long-term health consequences can be devastating. Untreated Twilight addiction can lead to conditions like insomnia, internet addiction, hallucinations, delusions and damage to the brain. Continued Twilight abuse can lead to breathing problems, heart palpitations, mental health problems, and risks of death from overdose. Continued Twilight abuse can also result in serious family conflicts, loss of friendships, the delusion that Twilight characters are real, financial problems, and problems at work.

The sooner you seek professional help, the better your chances of avoiding or limiting long-term problems.

Twilight Addict Pic of the Week!

We are at your disposal people! We are ready, willing, and able to make complete asses of ourselves! Send us your favorite "You might be a Twilight addict if..." and we will make it happen on camera. No suggestion is too outlandish - we are crazy like that.

My name is SGP - and I'm a Twilight addict.

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7 comments: to “ I'm not an addict. Baby, that's a lie...


    You might be a Twilight Addict.....
    ~If you save every Twilight pic you can find and then photoshop your face onto Bellas in EVERY PICTURE.
    ~If you take every Twilight related FB quiz, and take it over and over until you get the answer you want.
    ~If you get into actual shouting matches with your 8 yo daughter over who is hotter ~Jacob or Edward


    I love this post - everything you write is just so true!!! And hey, I can´t deny it, I have all the symptoms (except the ones including kiddies since I don´t have one). But I really neglected my work, and this is not good to be honest...

    The pics are awesome!!

    But I´m not yet ready to see a doc, I mean I like this disease.. although I would like to switch it off during work .. but here I am, 9.30 am sitting at work and writing a comment on a Twi blog..


    Oh shiiiz MrsV...I'm not ready for a doc either. They are going to have to take my ass away kicking and screaming. And if Mr. GP has anything to say about it my involuntary admittance is going to be soon b/c if I could have a dollar for everytime he says: "If you put half as much effort into __________ as you do your Twilight crap..." I would be able to buy my own Isle Esme.


    NO Doc necessary for me....I'm just going to go ahead and count all my bloggy time as "GROUP THERAPY"!

    Hello everyone, my name is Twinabler and I am a Twilight Addict!!!


    Fab commentary of the problem, fully signed up here ;o)

    The biggest sign for me is the acute anxiety I experience when my children or husband touch any of my precious Twilight stuff, I swear I actually hold my breath until they move away again.

    Oh, also when my 5yr old draws me pictures of Edward and I really wish I'd had a camera when I got into a tug of war with my chocolate covered 2yr old over my Twilight bookmark while he shouted 'Bob! Bob!'. Much to my husband's discuss he doesn't even say Daddy yet! Muhahahaa!


    Scarily, answered yes to most of those questions.

    Plus, Love the K's choice title. One of my fave songs.


    @PopTart - Totally stoked someone got the song reference. One of my all time fav's as well.